Tanning Skin Care

Tanning Skin Care

If you wish to achieve a beautiful tan purchasing a good tanning lotion can be a wise investment and is highly recommended. Individual requirements from a tanning lotion vary depending on your skin type, therefore it is important to be aware of what to look for in the ingredients.

An active ingredient in most sunbed lotions is Tyrosine. This enzyme stimulates melanin production – melanin is responsible for the tanning ability of your skin. By using a product containing tyrosine you can potentially increase the depth of your tan more quickly and you can reduce time on the sunbeds, which is better for your skin.

If you have skin that does not tan very easily, for instance, if you are fair skinned or have a lot of freckles or moles, look for a lotion containing DHA (the active ingredient in self tanners which dyes the skin brown). Fair skinned people, who have low levels of melanin in their skin, should use a lotion containing DHA will give you the appearance of a deeper tan without excessive use of sun beds.

Most sunbed lotions have been formulated with antioxidants and other ingredients renowned for their positive anti aging benefits.  Vitamin E can help reduce the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Lotions also help the skin to maintain its elasticity and prevent sagging.  If premature ageing is of great concern to you, also invest in a separate lotion for your face. The skin on the face is thinner and more delicate, and therefore more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV. Due to this, some sunbed lotions have been formulated especially for use on your face.

Sunbed lotions keep the skin moisturised. Dry skin can be detrimental to your tanning session and will be less successful as dry skin reflects UV rays and can halve the effectiveness of the sunbed. Therefore, moisturising your skin helps maintain your tan.

Try a satchet of sunbed lotion so that you can assess the effectiveness of several products before committing to buying a whole bottle.

Are you not sure which sunbed lotion to buy?


Lotions are formulated for use on a sunbed these products have no tingle, bronzers or coolers but still have all the ingredients needed to achieve your desired tanning results. Non-tingle sunbed lotions feature the most skin conditioning ingredients.  A sunbed lotion will assist your skins tanning process helping to develop your tan naturally.


Recommended for advanced tanners only and not recommended for use on your face. Tingle sunbed lotions enable you to see and feel your skin tanning immediately. Ingredients stimulate the skins micro circulation which increases the oxygen supply to the skin, which helps your skins ability to tan. When using a tingle sunbed lotion a slight redness will occur when using a tingle lotion which allows you to see and feel instant results after your sunbed session.


Contain natural ingredients which provide instant colour to the skin. The heat from the sunbed combined with the bronzer lotion helps the bronzers develop a natural looking fast tan.


Provide you with the benefits of both tingle sunbed lotion and bronzer sunbed lotion in one product.


Offer the benefits of a bronzer cream whilst helping your skin to feel cool